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What is Darr Certified?

What does D Service Certified mean? It means that your equipment has passed a thorough inspection so you can have minimal downtime.


D Service Checklist


Inspection and Evaluation



Compression test each cylinder to be sure the engine is operating within manufacturer’s guidelines.

Check for leaks.

Clear all codes.
Check ECU verify hours.



Check transmission pressures to be sure transmission is operating normally.

Remove transmission screen to check for debris.

Cooling system

Pressure test radiator.

Check for leaks or damage. 

Inspect hoses. 

Check to be sure thermostat is cycling properly.


Check rails, rollers and carriage. 

Check forks for damage and excessive wear.

Drift test all cylinders.

Adjust mast chains.


Electrical System

Check wiring harness for damage.

Check lights and gauges.



Check and evaluate all safety systems.



Check and adjust service brake and parking brake.



Change engine oil, oil filter and air filters.

Tune up.


Change transmission fluids, filter and screens.

Hydraulic system

Change hydraulic fluids, filters.

Cooling system

Test coolant and drain and replace if necessary.


Check for wear or damage.

Steam clean machine.

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